Senior Thesis | Curiosity

Curiosity is defined as a need, thirst, or desire for knowledge: the maintenance of an open mind is central to motivation, exploration, and creativity - a fact that was confirmed repeatedly throughout my own design process. Resultantly, my thesis combines the act of exploration with the most open-minded level of curiosity - that of a child. In this womenswear collection, I pulled visual elements from the novel's 'Around The World In 80 Days' (Jules Verne), 'The Little Prince' (Antoine de Saint-Exupery), and Jean-Michel Basquiat's work. The garments are visually supported by the form and shape of hot air balloons, a vehicle for exploration, and a motif central to Vernes' novel. For the structural pieces, I examined the balloon's panels and how tension with string contributes to the overall form: in order to achieve the desired fabric stiffness. I combined silk organdy, stitch witchery, and silk organza. Moreover, with the jersey garments, I strove to use curvilinear seams that mimicked the shape of a hot air balloon. Functioning as blank canvases these forms were then layered with Basquiat's works. Influenced by the "drawings of four and five old infants," Basquiat is able to access his inner child in his work. In the same vein, 'The Little Prince' - a character renowned for his youthful open-mindedness - served as my character inspiration. 

Year: 2014

Material: Silk Organdy, Stitch Witchery, Silk Organza