Book Recommendations

I Am Malala

One of the best autobiographical books I've read and listened to in a long time. Malala is truly an incomparable person.


This is a classic read. It's about a 5-day formula for testing new ideas. It's a great guide and a good read for incoming UX'ers.

How To Use Graphic Design To Sell Things

This is one of the best design books I have ever read. I can say so much about it but I’ll save you the time and simply say that if you are a designer, this is essential reading.

The Brand Gap

Must read for anyone wanting to better communicate their product. It explains the gap between creativity and strategy and how to marry the two.


Awesome read that teaches you how to reach a state of flow in your work. Flow is a feeling of being completely engaged in any playful activity.


I learned so much about history, social culture, and the human race from Sapiens. Such an entertaining and informative book.

Story Driven

What do you stand for?This book offers advice and insight desperately needed In today's world of fractured values and ethics.


A book about how inclusion is a source for innovation. A great read for anyone who wants to build products for the largest number of people.

Invisible Cities

I've never read anything like this before, it's dreamlike and surreal.

It urges you to reflect and ponder.

Born A Crime

A must-read if you enjoy watching the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. His life story blew my expectations out of the water. This book has the right balance of honesty and humor. 

The Art of Critical Making

Process, process, process. This book takes you through the methods RISD teachers use to show students how to be critical thinkers, or more rather critical makers.

Bio Design

Fascinating book with examples of how biodesign blurs the boundaries of fashion, architecture, industrial design, and even medicine.

Great Modern Artists

Gorgeous book with summaries including only the juiciest details about the featured artists. Perfect for flipping through with a cup of tea.

Textile Technology And Design

The intersections and overlaps between the clothes we wear and the environments we occupy are explored in this innovative book.


Such a refreshing read about the importance of curiosity. One of the few books I like to revisit.

Emotional Branding

Great book about marketing with inspiring examples. A must read if you believe approaching consumers through an emotional connection allows for brand identification and loyalty.